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Who's Who in the Politburo?

Who's in and who's outHaving assumed the power of  "Leader", Commissar John Coombes immediately produced his list of those to serve in his Politburo Cabinet. These are the individuals who will make all the real decisions about the shape of Fylde for the future. So counterbalance's readers ought to know a bit about them.

So far as who's hot and who's not, those going down the table of favour are: Councillor Alfred Jealous - previously an Executive Committee member, but not included in the list of Politburo "Brief Holders" as they are now called. 

Next of the previous Executive Committee members to fall from grace is Kirkham's firebrand Councillor Liz Oades, who has been so troublesome in not following Coombes' line to close Kirkham Baths and fleecing Kirkham's car park users. 

Next out is Paul (the Mauler) Hayhurst. He was never going to survive really, and was probably only on the Executive on the basis that you should keep your enemies even closer than your friends. He will be the cause of many of the explosions you can expect in the future as Councillors elected to represent their communities are frustrated in their efforts to do so by Commissar Coombes and those in the Politburo that manage to hold on to their briefs.

So who's in at the Politburo Cabinet?

Well, in the order they were announced, they are:

Paul Rigby
Brief Holder for: Finance and Efficiency

'Truly Independent' Councillor from Warton and Westby
He is a solidly rural councilor with deep roots into the community and strong family connections with Warton. He works mostly from common sense and is getting better at politics. Chairs Warton Parish Council. The 'Truly Independents' are a breakaway from the 'Independent' group, but as they currently vote en-bloc with the Conservatives, the name is a bit misleading.


Susan Fazackerley
Brief Holder for: Corporate Performance and Development
Conservative Councillor from Central St Annes
New to the powerbase. One of the few with real brains and not afraid to use them. The risk is that, as in the recent past, loyalty to a misguided party line will trump the good she could otherwise do.

Roger Small
Brief Holder for: Development and Regeneration
Conservative Councilor from Kilnhouse, St Annes
Seen by many, (though not by himself, we have heard) as Deputy Leader of the Politburo Cabinet and leader in waiting. Clever, or at least cunning, he is a master strategist with an eminently plausible manner. Apparently consensual in style, but quite possibly from the Machiavellian wing of political management.

Simon Renwick
Brief Holder for: Culture and Tourism
Conservative Councillor from Medlar with Wesham
Also a new entrant to the powerbase, he is a youthful technophile, moderniser and behind the scenes political fixer. Likes to be seen as the local Peter Mandleson. 

Albert Pounder
Brief Holder for: Customer Relations and Partnerships 
Conservative Councillor from Staining & Weeton
The last new entrant. An outsider with not a lot of form who came up on the rails and caught everyone napping.

Patricia Fieldhouse
Brief Holder for: Community and Social Wellbeing
Conservative Councillor from Park Ward, Ansdell
Dyed in the wool Conservative and mega fundraiser for the cause, she has strong local connections and although an urbanite, also has connections into the agricultural wing of the party through the "Food and farming" initiatives.

Tim Ashton
Brief Holder for: Streetscene
Conservative Councillor from Lytham
Yes. Well.

Dated:  14 February 2006


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