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Obituary: Hannah Cummings-Miller

Obituary: Hannah Cummings MillerIt is with sadness that we record the passing of another of Fylde's former Councillors, Hannah Cummings-Miller.

She was a long time resident of Singleton and represented that area on Fylde Borough Council from 1980. She was also a member of Singleton Parish Council and a true pillar of the Singleton community - known and respected by everyone

Originally from a Liverpool family who saw much of the wartime devastation that was visited on that City, she inherited the determination and tenacity that comes from the experience of adversity.

She was a lady of strong character and opinions, with a clear sense of right and wrong, and someone who worked tirelessly and extremely hard for her constituents. They rewarded her with repeated and clear election results.

If you think about it, leafleting or canvassing a deeply rural ward like Singleton isn't easy. Yes, there are far fewer propertied than in most wards in Fylde but because of that, they are much further apart and, worse than that, the driveways to many households are a long way from the road. We suspect at times during her campaigning she would have wished for a ward with terraced properties where the leaflets could all be delivered quickly and easily in a few hours rather than days.
















































We came to know her best when she was Vice Chairman of the Environment Committee, and we found her to be someone who positively oozed human compassion and common sense.

That said, she could speak her mind plainly  - we thought she could have been quite a 'Joyce Grenfell' character when the need arose, and  we could just imagine her saying 'Stop doing that, George' or whatever.

During her time as a Councillor, she held the position of Borough Mayor which she used to good effect in fundraising for various charities, and on her retirement from civic life, she was awarded the Honorary position of Alderman.

Her passing marks the loss of yet another of the Fylde's  'old school' borough councillors from a different era, whose understanding of duty, public service, and selflessness is found in much less abundance these days.

Dated:  31 August 2015


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