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Obituary: Anne Smith OBE

Obituary: Anne SmithWe're sorry to record the death of former Mayor, Alderman and Councillor Anne Smith OBE who for many years lived, and represented residents in Heyhouses Ward in St Annes.

We knew her as a passionate, strong-willed stalwart of the Council with a broad vision, a deep and sincere interest in people, and a practical, common-sense, down-to- earth manner that would have put Joyce Grenfell to shame.

We always imagined we would hear her say "Don't do that, George" at any moment,

We have no doubt her memory will live on in the hearts and minds of all the people she has helped over the years and, knowing her as we did, we believe a lot of people in this area will have cause to be grateful to her.

We first knew her in the 1908s when we moved here, and we quickly warmed to her 'motherly' tone and bearing.

She was a Liberal Democrat by persuasion, and probably a plain Liberal before that, but she wore her politics lightly, and for the most part you would have struggled to know what party she represented unless an election was in train.

She actually led the Liberal Democrat group on Fylde Council for quite a while and was Mayor of the Borough in 1998 when our own direct connection with Fylde Council ended. In fact as Mayor of the Borough, she very kindly officiated at a small ceremony to mark that event.

More than anything else however, we recall the rock-solid common sense that underpinned her whole being. If something was obviously in need of doing, she would be the one to do it. She was an incredibly active woman and her selfless commitment to her residents earned her the respect of councillors from all of the various parties that were Fylde Council at the time.

Together with her husband Len, she enjoyed looking after their well tended allotment on Shepherd Road. For many years Len was the secretary of the Shepherd Road Allotment Association and, after his death, toward the end of her time in Fylde, Alderman Anne Smith assumed the mantle of managing the allotments until they passed to the control of the new St Annes Town Council when that body was formed.

She was always interested to hear about new ways of doing things, and kept herself abreast of the changes that life delivered. As an example of this, when it became St Annes turn to have the focus in what was one of the early incarnations of Fylde in Bloom, it was Cllr Anne Smith who readily assumed the difficult role to try to bring together a group of volunteers who would assume practical responsibilities for planting and nurturing new flower beds and plantings.

If we remember correctly, it was she who was responsible for the original creation of the planted areas at the St Annes entrances near the Lemon Tree on Clifton Drive North, Outside Trebaron and Kilnhouse Lane on Queensway and more.

We understand her funeral will be in Weobly, Herefordshire on November 13th and we send our deepest sympathy to her family

Dated:  6 November 2018



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