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Heyhouses By-election Due

Heyhouses By-election DueThis is a report with details of the dates and the programme for the Heyhouses Ward By-election.

Following the untimely death of former Cllr Barbara Nash, Fylde's Elections Department has announced that they have received a valid request for a by-election to be held.


The notice of the election was published on 27 February 2018

  • Nominations for people to stand as candidates for election have to be received at Fylde Council's offices by 4pm on Wednesday 7th March 2018
  • The statement of candidates who have been nominated to stand in this by-election will be published (perhaps on 7th but) at least on the 8th March 2018
  • And polling day for those living in Heyhouses Ward will be Thursday 5th April 2018 (7am-10pm)


The last time there was a by-election in Heyhouses was in 2012.

Barbara Nash secured 401 votes standing as a Conservative candidate at that time, and she was closely followed by local independent candidate Palmira Stafford.

That By-election result was:


DICKSON, Bill (UKIP) 147
GILLIGAN, Carol Josephine (Liberal Democrat) 163
NASH, Barbara Ann  (Conservative) 401
ROBERTS, Ian Stanley  (Green Party) 150
STAFFORD, Palmira (Independent) 313
WHITEHEAD, Bill (Integrity UK) 25

And that was on a quite respectable (well, it was quite respectable for a by-election) turnout of around 31% - so it wasn't a freak result because of a low turnout.

However, we did note at the time if the Lib Dems and Greens had chosen not to field candidates the result might have been different.

At the last borough-wide election, the polling for 3 seats in Heyhouses was

WILLDER  Viv Conservative. 1,227
NASH  Barbara Conservative 1,260
SETTLE  Vince Conservative 1,063
GOODWIN  Lynn Labour 843
FIELDING  Patricia Anne  Liberal Democrat. 601
Electorate 3750. Ballots Issued 2477,  Spoilt /Rejected 20   Turnout 65.9

There are always far more votes cast in a borough-wide election as is evident from the numbers above.

The strength of the result of the Borough-wide election appears to be overwhelmingly for Conservatives - and it is undoubtedly strong.

But it should be borne in mind that in a borough-wide election each elector can vote for THREE candidates, and because the Conservatives contested all three seats (with others standing only one candidate) the placings of candidates may be skewed toward people who chose to vote for three conservative candidates.

Historically people were most likely to vote for one or two of the party they mainly support, and to give their 'third vote' to someone from another party or group.

But in more recent times that practice seems less widespread - unless the third individual is exceptionally well known in the area.

However, this will be a by-election, (as in 2012) so it will be a straight 'one person one vote' contest for the one vacant seat.


So far, we have heard that the Conservatives have selected Barbara Nash's daughter Sally Nash - who says she wants to continue her mother's good works, and has already hit the ground running with her first election leaflet.

And we understand the Green Party is fielding Ian Roberts who is well known locally for his good community works including: environmental work, St Annes in-bloom support, improvements at Hope Street Recreation Ground, and for work connected with the anti-fracking movement.

The declaration of candidates is not completed until 8th March, and we expect to publish a 'Runners and Riders' list once the candidacies are formally published.

Dated:  2 March 2018



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