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Heyhouses By-election Candidates

Heyhouses By-election CandidatesFor our readers in Heyhouses (and for followers of local elections more generally), we bring a short 'Runners and Riders' look at who's standing to be the new Fylde Borough Councillor for Heyhouses Ward.

The Candidates are all now declared, and Polling day for Heyhouses residents will be Thursday 5th April 2018 (7am-10pm).



We start with a quick refresh of the last by-election results:

Heyhouses By-election result for 2012 was:


DICKSON, Bill (UKIP) 147
GILLIGAN, Carol Josephine (Liberal Democrat) 163
NASH, Barbara Ann  (Conservative) 401
ROBERTS, Ian Stanley  (Green Party) 150
STAFFORD, Palmira (Independent) 313
WHITEHEAD, Bill (Integrity UK) 25

Turnout was around 31% - quite respectable for a  by-election

This time there are only four candidates standing, all for political parties.

Everyone is from St Annes, so all are local to the area.

That's a good thing, because whoever is elected, they don't need a long lead-in time to find their way around, and they will already know the local issues and some of the people of the area.


Standing for the Labour party but not known to us  personally. Her literature says she's lived in Heyhouses for over 30 years, worked for a major supermarket chain for the last 15 and is a member of USDAW and is the H&S representative at work.

She wants to hold Fylde to account on: Planning and Housing; Infrastructure and Services; Council Tax Rises; Green energy initiatives and Waste and recycling services. Notably she mentions she supports Labour's promise  to ban fracking

She speaks about holding regular surgeries and wants to see better consultation with local people before decisions  are made.

She stood in Heyhouses Ward in the full Borough election in 2015 where she received 843 votes, (beating the Liberal Democrat candidate by about 250 votes) and was 220 or so votes away from beating the third place Conservative candidate.

It will be interesting to see if the national resurgence of the Labour party is reflected locally.


Is standing for the Liberal Democrats whose fortunes nationally are at quite a low ebb. When that happens, there's always an echo cascading down to local levels, and often enthusiasm amongst party members activists suffers.

Once again, Mr Holland is not known to us personally, but he stood for the Lancashire County Council elections in St Annes South in 2017 and took 494 votes.

That saw him beat Green candidate Ian Roberts, but only by 89 votes, and he trailed behind Labour's candidate by just over 200 votes. (The Conservative candidate won hands down with over 2,000 votes)

Mr Holland also stood for the St Annes Town Council at a by-election in 2016 where he received 99 votes. That put him 36 votes behind Labour, and 155 behind the Conservative. However, he did manage to beat UKIP's candidate into fourth place by 27 votes.

We suspect that once again it might be  close run thing between messers Holland and Roberts and we wouldn't want to predict the outcome.


This is the daughter of the late Barbara Nash who held the Heyhouses Ward seat for the Conservatives at the last election. She is also the daughter of current Councillor Edward Nash (who we often refer to as 'The Brigadier' because of his military background). So she has good tutors and won't be short of advice.

She is also standing as a Conservative and she attended (in the public gallery) at the last Council meeting - perhaps to get a feel for what she might be letting herself in for.

That, at least, shows more initiative than we usually see from candidates.

We also saw more than one sitting Conservative councillor approach her during that evening to offer advice and practical support if she needed it.

Her campaign hit the ground running and we saw a leaflet from her even before her candidacy was officially declared.

Says she wants to continue her mother's good works and use her youthful energy and determination to represent constituents.

She is currently a Teaching Assistant at a local school whilst studying for a teaching degree.

The first leaflet we saw said she intends to focus on parks, broadband, roads, the economy, the M55 link road and young people.

She's an interesting candidate.

She's no doubt just the sort of lady that Theresa May needs to weaponise a youth wing, but we wouldn't normally give someone of her youthful years much of a chance in St Annes (after all, Lytham St Annes is Gods Waiting Room), but with a Conservative ticket, the promise of lots of support from local activists, and a campaign that has already been running for a few weeks, we think she might be harder to beat than a first glance would reveal.


Is standing as a Green Party candidate.

He has been on the fringes of local politics for several years, though is perhaps better known publicly for his 'civic' activities, especially in connection with environmental work, St Annes in-bloom, Hope Street Recreation Ground, and for work connected with the anti-fracking movement.

We understand he has been instrumental in creating the Friends Group that had pulled together the 360,000 or so to revamp the former 'amphitheatre' style paddling pool on St Annes Promenade into a splash-type water feature. Evidence, were it needed, that he can deliver what he takes on. He too was in Fylde's Council Chamber this week too to hear approval be given to get that scheme rolling and under way.

We are also aware he has connections into, and works with, the Police, in a "lay volunteer" mediation capacity, as part of their Restorative Justice operation.

His leaflet focuses on 'Clean Energy' (oppose fracking, energy efficiency in council buildings , charging points for electric vehicles); 'Improving Services' (enhance recycling, press LCC for road repairs, proactive relationship with St Annes Town Council) and 'Protecting Green Spaces' (continue to improve parks, oppose development on green field sites, promote sustainable and affordable homes in appropriate locations).

He is well known personally to us and we declare that at this point.

We find him to be a solid, reliable, sensible and thoughtful individual who would make an excellent local councillor.

As we've shown above, he has generally been just below the winning line - vying alongside the Lib Dems and UKIP and sometimes Labour, but as has his name gets better known he is likely to move up the rankings.

The questions for him will be whether a resurgent  Labour Party will squeeze his vote, and whether the good people of Heyhouses are ready to embrace the Green Party for which he stands.

Fylde has done so before of course. Lytham (St John's ward if we remember correctly) elected a Green Party councillor 20 or more years ago

So all in all, we're interested to see the results of this contest, even if it is a by-election that will probably not have a very high turnout.

Dated:  9 March 2018



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