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Significant NewsWater Foul  7 February 2020
Awter FoulWe look at 'Combined Sewer Overflows' which should only be used in emergencies if sewage treatment works and storage facilities can't cope. But some are now discharging twice a week.  We look at the background and the investigative reporting by national - and local - media and organisations who have exposed what's really going on......

Significant NewsEmpty Homes Tax  28 January 2020
Empty Homes TaxWe report changes to the council tax charge that will see the owners of long term empty and unfurnished property being subject to 3 times it's usual Council Tax charge from this April, and  4 times its usual charge from April 2021. and we wonder whether it's really a Conservative or an Anarchist policy that's being introduced.....

Hot NewsPeninsula on track?  16 January 2020
Peninsula on track?An in-depth article about the arrangements for trains and trams to operate on the Fylde peninsula. It's hot because of conflicting views about the 'right' solution. We don't think there *is* a single solution for Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre, and imposing one could block others. Whatever happens could have a really big impact on the future....

Significant NewsLytham Institute Update  10 January 2020
Lytham Institute UpdateWe bring readers up to date with what's been going on. There's a truly awful Finance and Democracy meeting. Fylde's covert plans to get rid of the Institute. The Friends group hold another public meeting, The (alternative) Lytham Institute Working Group develop plans of their own for the Institute. Fylde apply, and the Institute is registered as a Charity. The building is surveyed, and we look at what happens next....

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