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Breaking NewsSnippets February 2019  15 February 2019 
Snippets Februart 2019Exclusive breaking news on the future of Lytham Institute. Good news about Fylde's 2019 income. A UK first for Fylde in remote access to meetings. Single use plastics, News that 'The Standards Board' might be returning. A new fixed penalty for littering from a vehicle. Unwelcome news re: empty property - it will be double taxed from April. Some crude advertising from Fylde. New charges for bulky waste. Small business rate relief. The M55 Link road. Tramway extensions....

Exclusive NewsBathing Waters Update  12 February 2019 
Bathing Waters UpdateWe report United Utilities' update presentation to Fylde's Environment Health and Housing Committee about our bathing waters. We're unimpressed. We detect an unwelcome change. The focus seems to be shifting away from providing more infrastructure improvements to trying to stop so much rainwater entering the sewers in the first place. Unlike Mr Blair, we don't think 'things can only get better'.....

Exclusive NewsLowther Annual Report  7 February 2019 
Lowther Annual ReportWe report strong words and raised voices at January's Tourism and Leisure Committee. We also reveal why Fylde Council is paying up to 175,000 from our taxes for legal costs sparked by Lowther Gardens Trust, and we confirm the  existence of an invalid Governing Document. The Trust DOES NOT have authority to increase the footprint of the pavilion, so the redevelopment plan is dead - at least for the moment....

Hot NewsPNR: What's Going On?  4 January 2019 
PNR: What's Going On?Cuadrilla has demobilised equipment and is taking lots away from their Preston New Road site. No-one knows why. So we sought the opinions of people close to what's happening and publish their comments with our own conclusions. Don't expect an announcement, but we think Cuadrilla have all but abandoned Well No.1 and face a delay before they can frack Well No.2. We also report a spat at County Hall....

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