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The Archive: 2006

Weaving the RulesWeaving the Rules 8 December 2006
Should our police be striking deals with offenders? Is it their job to 'interpret' the law? Can we now dispense with courts and judges?.....

Medium Term Financial StrategyProphet and Loss 7 December 2006
FBC's medium term financial strategy creates a half a million pound slush fund to iron out all those little imperfections......

Site of the Former Scruples, Lytham EsplanadeHave They No Scruples? 29 November 2006
Lythamites are getting restless again because FBC is planning to liquidise more than their assets on Lytham Esplanade......

Ashton Gardens, St AnnesAshton's Gardens? 14 November 2006
Get the lowdown on Fylde Council's plans for Ashton Gardens. Is it to be a Garden or an outdoor Leisure Centre? See the plans as they change once more, "before your very eyes".

RoadRed and Yellow and ....... 23 October 2006
A new road is to link Fleetwood to the M55, We assess which route is likely to be chosen and look at the implications for local people......

Budget busting bus bluesBudget Busting Bus Blues 12 October 2006
He started with 486k. He snaffled 205k, now he's going to spend 550k. Find out why the Commissar can't even manage his bus tickets.....

Even more equitable taxationEven More Equitable  9 October 2006
See the last ditch bid to save the discredited "Equitable Taxation" scheme that would cost all of us more, and mean Elswick villagers paying 79 a year more than other Fylde taxpayers.....

St Annes Swimming PoolWinning the Pools  29 September 2006
Plans to privatise Kirkham Baths and St Annes Swimming Pool are afoot. The Commissar admits managerial incompetence and wants to hand them over to the private sector.....

Flight of Fancy?Flight of Fancy  26 July 2006
What's been happening at the Airport? See plans to increase traffic by up to 1000%. Do more flights mean more noise? What is Fylde Council doing to protect the green belt. .....

Greater ExpectationsGreater Expectations  25 July 2006
Fylde Council votes itself a pay award and the Conservatives refuse to allow a record of which way they voted on the matter .....

Candyfloss to Casinos?Candyfloss to Casinos  25 July 2006
Get the low-down on Re:Blackpool, the company appointed to deliver the Masterplan. Will the Masterplan work? What is the aim of it all? What happens if we don't get the Super Casino? Is there a "Plan B".....

Snapshot of Fylde CouncilSnapshot of Fylde Council: 25 July 2006
What are the dynamics of Fylde Council today? Who is in and who is out? Who's doing well and who isn't? See our pen picture of their meeting at Fylde Rugby Club at Ansdell ..... 

Councillor Barbara PagettSt. Barbara Goes Solo 22 July 2006
Barbara Pagett, suspended for voting against the party line, has quit the Conservative group on Fylde Council, and in future will be independent of the Tory whip....

Salting it awaySalting it Away 30 June 2006
Find out how Commissar John Coombes has salted away just over three quarters of a million pounds into special reserves. This gives him a 'back-pocket' of cash outside the normal  revenue and capital accounts..

Fylde's Accounts 2005-2006Fylde's Accounts 2005-2006  28 June 2006
See what the Commissar has been wasting your money on. He went from a projected deficit of 700,000 to an underspend of 339,000 in just four months, and he expects us to trust what he says .....

Hostelry, History and a Parking MysteryHostelry, History, Mystery 19 June 2006
A triplet piece including redevelopment plans for a wine bar, a new history of St Anne's, and a parking mystery in Blackpool.

CAB is FiredCitizens Advice Bureau is Fired  16 June 2006
The Commissar succeeds in closing one of the most cost effective advice and debt counselling services in Fylde. Maybe he wants the building for himself.....

Bus pass money snaffled to cover debtObituary Alderman Eileen Hall JP  14 June 2006
We pay tribute to, and to mourn the passing of, a truly great Fylde Councillor

Knife ban misses the pointMissing the Point?  4 June 2006
The current knife 'amnesty' catches our attention. We pronounce it a PR stunt with propaganda overtones to subliminally soften the nation up ready for a complete ban on  'non-domestic' knives and a new law outlawing the purchase of any knife from an unlicensed knife supplier.......

Aldi - In store for St Annes?Aldi - What's in Store?  2 June 2006
Another building of character faces demolition as Aldi, the budget supermarket buys the Conservative Club and plans a new store and apartments. What will it look like, and what does it mean for St Anne's future?

Flying a KiteFlying a Kite  31 March 2006
Fylde Council fails the tourism industry, fails its recreational mandate and hides its incompetence behind a ban on kite flying. More importantly, it demonstrates that concentrating power into the hands of a few politburo cabinet members is likely to cause this sort of problem again and again.

Bus pass money snaffled to cover debtFares Fair?  23 March 2006
We accused Commissar Coombes of snaffling 205,000 that should have been for OAP free bus passes, to cover up his overspending elsewhere. Dick Turpin rides again........

Long Live the KingLong Live the King  31 March 2006
The Council decides on an internal appointment for a new Chief Executive and management team. Who is in the frame, and what does it mean for Fylde.

Blackpool Road and the airport landMoving the Goalposts  23 March 2006
Kensington and Fylde Council are preparing the ground to sell off Blackpool Road North Playing Fields for housing, and develop a new playing field on the Airport........

Town Hall is ReprievedTown Hall is Reprieved  22 March 2006
Fylde Council find the road to Damascus through a labyrinth of Affordable Housing....

Area Forum for Lytham?Area Forum for Lytham? 6 March 2006
Fylde Councilors meet the great and good of Lytham as part of its plan to create an Area Committee for Lytham. Get the lowdown on what you're not being told by others.

WyldeFyre on the Cards Again?WyldeFyre on the Cards 5 March 2006
Fylde and Wyre are to form a joint working committee, and Local Government in our area might soon be re-organised again. What does it all mean? 

Citizens Advice ?Citizens Advice ? 2 March 2006
With reserves of 4.8 million, Fylde Council chops 36,800 from the Citizen's Advice funding.

We're in the MoneyWe're in the Money 28 February 2006
After crying wolf again, the Commissar says he is 700k short. What he didn't say is that he's hanging onto the 2 million he paid in to his special reserve accounts this year, and to the 846k in his general reserve. Oh yes,  he and also nicked 205k from pensioners bus pass money. 

Last Rites for Democracy at FyldeLast Rites for Democracy 28  February 2006
Fylde's last gasp for the oxygen of democracy is suffocated by Commissar Coombes and his merry band.

Fylde Politburo Cabinet Makes PreparationsFirst Politburo Meeting 15 February 2006
Learn about  "Blue Peter" decisions, the gagging of your elected Councillors, and the 4 million Fylde has squirreled away in its reserves this year!

Who's in and who's outWho's in the Politburo 14 February 2006
The Commissar has chosen his Politburo Cabinet. Find our who's in and who's out.......

Fylde Council loses the will to live.The Cabinet is Formed 13 February 2006
Fylde Council loses the will to exist and accedes to John Coombes installation as Commissar Leader. Next he will choose his Politburo to run the Borough........

Dated:  31 December 2006

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