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The Archive: 2013

Significant new InformationLocal Plan Update  28 December 2013  
Local Plan UpdateHaving consulted on a local plan using information they knew was out of date, Fylde is about to 'update' it. So we're updating our readers on what's going on. We've  a copy of the interim version of the SHMA that Fylde was intending to keep secret, and lots more about planning...

Hot TopicNewton Gypsy Site Application  15 December 2013  
Newton Gypsy Site AapplicationAnother two part article. In part 1 we examine the background and aspects of this application for four to eight caravans on land off Thames Street. In Part 2 we report the Development Management Committee meeting that considers this matter and takes the decision....

Exclusive news Committee System for LCC?  9 December 2013  
Committee System for LCC?A two part article. In part 1 we herald Lancashire County Council's debate about abandoning the Cabinet System of decision-making and return to the tried and trusted Committee System where all councillors can vote. In Part 2 we report the debate on this matter and the decision....

Planning MattersPlanning Matters  7 December 2013  
An update on Fylde's planning matters including:  A Joint Statement from local planning groups; Kirkham Triangle; Wrea Green; Warton's WRAPP; Warton under siege; The former Bonds site in St Annes; Staining; an industrio-leisure scheme for Wesham, and questions in and about, the house....

Breaking newsDemocracy Restored ?  24 November 2013  
Democracy to b restored ?FCAG has delivered a valid petition with more than the required number of signatures. Fylde BC will now hold a local referendum in May 2014 and Fylde's electorate will decide whether they want to be governed using the Leader and Cabinet or the Committee System. What's it all about?....

Standard DeviationStandard Deviation  14 November 2013  
We look at the problems likely to arise following the introduction of a changed Code of Conduct  and new arrangements to investigate and sanction the conduct of allegedly errant local councillors. We think there are problems on the way, and that some of Fylde's recent decisions may have to be reviewed....

Obituary: Kathleen (Kath) HarperObituary: Kathleen (Kath) Harper  11 November 2013  
We report the sad news of the death of Cllr Kath Harper who represented St Johns Ward in Lytham since 2007. She was a great community person - involved with a myriad of local organisations, and possessed of a warm and caring nature. Fylde has lost an ideal councillor...

Breaking newsPetition for Change   27 October 2013  
Petition for ChangeWe report the news that the Fylde Civic Awareness Group is will, on Tuesday, deliver a petition from more than 4,000 Fylde electors calling for a referendum that could cause Fylde to abandon it's dreadful Cabinet System and re-introduce politically balanced Committees....

Unscrupulous?Unscrupulous?   14 October 2013  
After 2000 people tell FBC what should happen with the former 'Scruples' site on Lytham esplanade, we look at the background and the likely constraints affecting the decision. Lytham is divided on what should happen. There are two main contending schemes. We add a further possibility....

Exclusive news Incredible Housing Numbers   8 September 2013  
Incredible Housing NumbersWe leak news of a plan by Cllrs Eaves and Fiddler to more or less halve the number of houses Fylde needs. (That's after loads of permissions have been granted and huge sums have been spent on the local plan).  But we think there's some decidedly odd about their approach....

Is Fylde Still Heading For Special Measures?FBC Special Measures?   30 August 2013  
Hard on the heels of our 'Incompetent Planning' article, we find Fylde is still on track to be 'designated' for 'under performance' on the speed of its planning decisions. It could mean Fylde is no longer able to determine large planning applications - which could go straight to the Planning Inspectorate....

Ssignificant New InformationIncompetent Planning?   21 August 2013  
Incompetent Planning?An in-depth look at twelve separate strands of planning that lead us to conclude it's time those running the show considered their positions. This is not planning, it's simply outrageous. It's putting Government policy before the electorate and it is a disaster for Fylde's future....

Rubber Stamping CommitteeRubber Stamping Committee   20 August 2013  
We delight in a brilliant, bravura performance at Council by Cllr Charlie Duffy who manoeuvred the majority group into defending Government policy against their own electorate. A performance the like of which we have not seen in years. As we have said, Cllr Duffy will go far if he stays at Fylde....

PACT in ?PACT in ?   17 August 2013  
We have a look at the rise and fall of Neighbourhood Policing under the present and previous Governments, and especially it's impact on the Police and Community Together meetings in Fylde - how they came about, how they developed and why they now seem to be in decline....

Hot TopicWarton Anger   12 August 2013  
Warton AngerWe report an angry Parish Meeting at the BAe Lightning Club at Warton. Local residents vented their anger at Fylde BC for planning to encircle their village with housing developments, increasing the scale of the village by 75%. Oh and there was also talk of a by-pass....

Fracking UpdateFracking Update   8 August 2013  
A broad brush update of fracking news from Fylde, Parliament and Sussex in the last month or so. Tax breaks, Planning 'guidance', adjournment debates, oral slips by Michael Fallon and Gordon McCann, and a short report of the Ove Arup consultation at Elswick on Cuadrilla's behalf....

Significant newsMinority Report  5 August 2013  
Minority ReportDissenting members of Fylde Council produce their own report setting out why they are do not support  the draft local plan that is now under public consultation. 41% of councillors refuse to endorse Cllr Fiddler's decisions at the Special Council meeting. Fylde is deeply divided....

Snippets August 2013Snippets: August 2013  2 August 2013  
An update for Fylde's bathing waters. Future changes for Lowther Gardens Trust, Defend Lytham's fracking meeting. Staining's planning application is approved and we look at Development Management Committee concerns more generally, before ending with  'Buttygate'....

Breaking newsKirkham Triangle: Public Inquiry Report  4 July 2013  
Kirkham Triangle: Public Inquiry ReportOur report of Day1 (and a reader's report on Day2) of the Public Inquiry for development of land at Little Tarnbrick Farm, Kirkham. As we predicted, Fylde withdrew from contesting the appeal and one member of the public responded "We've been well and truly shafted". Others were equally angry.....

Ssignificant newsSpecial Measures for Planning?  1 July 2013  
Special Measures for Planning?Fylde appears destined to be put into the planning equivalent of 'Special Measures' using new regulations - that is unless it passes lots of planning applications quickly. Anything sound familiar here?....

Ssignificant newsLocal Plan: Preferred Options Consultation  27 Jun 2013  
Local Plan: Preferred Options ConsultationFylde hold a Special Council Meeting to consider and agree the Preferred Options Consultation Draft of their emerging Local Plan. It exposes deep divisions in the Council and it appears to show party politics getting mixed in with planning. That's bad news....

4am Approval4am Approval  21 Jun 2013  
In a move that heralds trouble for residents of Central Ward and beyond, Fylde's Licensing Panel approve nightclub opening as late as 4am in Wood Street. We look at who made this decision, we speculate as to why they might have done so and look at what needs to change...

Exclusive newsLocal Plan Rift   29 May 2013  
Local Plan RiftThe early stage of Fylde's Local Plan is mired in dissent - even before the selected 'preferred option' is made public. Fylde redacted the published minutes of  the Steering Group in order to keep the debate out of the public's view. We have other ideas...

2013 LCC Election Anaysis2013 LCC Election Analysis   27 May 2013  
As promised, we give our take on the LCC election results - with special reference to Fylde, where the big shock was drop suffered by Howard and Karen Henshaw, and the first class job done by Peter Buckley. We look at the power split at LCC and the agreed LibDem/Lab priorities....

Obituary: David MeldrumObituary: David Meldrum   26 May 2013  
With sadness we record the passing of David Meldrum, an exceptional man who came from different age. A former (and founding) St Annes Town Councillor, a man in the top 2% of the whole UK population for Intelligence, a regular counterbalance reader, and a good friend...

Toast for a GrillingToast to be Grilled   26 May 2013  
We have a look at the application by Lancashire Restaurant Ltd. seeking license to serve alcohol to 4am and also to provide a wide range of entertainment. We hope Fylde's Licensing Panel will recognise what almost all their consultees are saying, and refuse the application.

Free Trade AgreementsFree Trade Agreements   24 May 2013  
We reproduce an article from the 'Runnymede Gazette' by Linda Kaucher who seems to have a handle on the Free Trade Agreements that are being pursued at the moment. We think what she says is very worrying, and it explains why so much is happening that conflicts with our traditional values.....

Planning News Update May 2013Planning News May 2013   21 May 2013  
A small cornucopia of planning news affecting Fylde, including: the Kilnhouse Lane development abandoned, the NW Regional Strategy abolished, the Jones Homes application at Staining, and some (more) comments made by the Anti-Planning Minister Nick Boles MP.

Exclusive news It Ain't Over Yet   16 May 2013  
It Ain't Over YetWe break news that the Local Government Ombudsman is investigating Fylde Council over its handling of the Scandal of Melton Grove. Nothing much seems to have been happening in the last 14 months, but we  suspect a lot has been going on under the surface.

Significant newsAll Going Swimmingly?   8 May 2013  
All Going Swimmingly?The Revised Bathing Water Directive is likely to see popular beaches along the Fylde Coast declared unfit for bathing. This is a serious matter that could cost our tourism industry 8m a year. We take an in-depth look at what's involved, what we think will happen, and who's doing what about it.....

Breaking newsLCC Election Results   3 May 2013  
Lcc Election Results 2013We bring the first news of results. Who won where? What were the surprises? We have the full SP about which candidates Fylde has elected to the County Council that spends so much of our money.....

20 mph Clifton Village20mph Clifton   27 April 2013  
An (unusually) light hearted take on a serious waste of our money. We show how a little humour can sometimes make  point more clearly, but in case it doesn't we've added a graphic showing how the reported casualties have increased with the 20 mph schemes....

LCC Election 2013LCC Election 2013  22 April 2013  
We bring readers our own personal take on the runners and riders in the Lancashire County Council election. We think UKIP will take votes from the Conservatives which might let those who would usually be second in, and we wonder how well fracking will help the Greens who are standing everywhere....

Snippets April 2013Snippets April 2013  10 April 2013  
Leader debacle update. LCC election news, Bus stop blues, 20 mph for Lytham, Blue Mole on Governance and Elections, Peddling, Shale gas, the budget's missed item, Garden extension news, and How the Planning war is waging between Government and people....

Obituary: George CaldwellObituary: George Caldwell  31 March 2013  
We're sorry to report the passing of Honorary Alderman and former Fylde Councillor George Caldwell, a man of great personal strength and integrity. Unfailingly polite,  and formal in character, he was most definitely a man  of the 'old school.' He will be sadly missed.....

Significant newsLeaderless   24 March 2013  
LeaderlessFylde uses exceptional powers to add an 'Exceptional Urgent Item' to Monday's Council agenda. We follow up out 'illegitimate?' article with an attempt to fudge the issue to persuade Councillors to 'confirm' David Eaves as Leader and to 'endorse' all the decisions made since May 2011.....

FBC Budget 2013Fylde Council Budget Meeting 2013   20 March 2013  
Our take on the Council meeting that set Fylde's budget for 2013-2014. We explain how the budget is set and report the debate on three amendments proposed. One was to fund a Referendum from balances without needing to increase our Council Tax. Guess who scotched that?....

Significant newsJessica Ernst v Canada   16 March 2013  
Jessica Ernst v CanadaWe report the presentation by Jessica Ernst whose home and land in Alberta have been ruined by fracking. Her experiences of inadequate regulation and malpractice led to her suing the Canadian energy regulator and the Canadian Government. Are we on the same path?.....

Exclusive newsIllegitimate?   12 March 2013  
Illegitimate?We set out the case to show why Cllr David Eaves is not the Leader of Fylde Council, and that he, and the Cabinet he chose, are thus both illegitimate. In May 2011 his term of office expired. He has not been elected Leader since then. Ergo Fylde has no Leader, and lots more trouble....

Fantasy BudgetingFantasy Budgeting   8 March 2013 
Cllr Ken Hopwood tries to hold the Executive to account (literally) and is - in effect - told to push off by Princess Karen. Fylde's finances may now be more sound, but the budgeting process is moving into the realms of pure fantasy - as anyone involved with budgeting will very quickly see.....

Peter Wood LetterPeter Wood Letter   6 March 2013 
We received a letter from former Heyhouses Councillor Peter Wood in response to Cllr Eaves' defence of the Cabinet System.  Unlike Cllr Eaves - who aims to intimidate with costs - Mr Wood argues the issue of governance - the process and rules of engagement by which decisions are made.....

True or FalseTrue or False?   28 February 2013 
Members of Fylde's Cabinet and ruling group councillors have taken against the idea of returning to a Committee operation that residents have called for, and which Fylde Civic Awareness Group are articulating. We examine their arguments to see if they stand up to closer examination....

Wesham OverrunWesham Overrun   26 February 2013 
The Wesham Public Inquiry has overrun (despite FBC's non-participation). We think there will be trouble over the Inquiry costs (which may be claimed against FBC) and we have a brief look at who might shoulder the responsibility for incurring them....

Breaking newsWesham: Stitch Up?  19 February 2013 
Wesham: Stitched Up?We report from Wesham where a Public Inquiry opened today into Metacre's latest appeal for permission to build houses on land near Mowbreck Lane. Bombshell after bombshell exploded as Fylde Council abandoned Wesham, threw in the towel, and decided not to present any evidence ....

Significant newsDemocracy & Localism + Fracking  8 February 2013 
Democracy & LOcalism + FrackingWe bring news of the Fylde Civic Awareness Group's Seminar, and plans for their petition which will follow it. Readers can get involved in grassroots change. Also we take a look at Cuadrilla's Environmental Scoping Report for Annas Road and find it wanting, very much wanting....

Significant newsWesham: Call to Arms  7 February 2013 
Wesham Call to ArmsWesham Action Group's Andrea Galbraith issues  a call to arms for their supporters to turn out in force to show a planning inspector how important the refusal of Metacre's plans are. The Public Inquiry is at Wesham Community Centre, starting at 9:30 on 19th February...

Snippets February 2013Snippets February 2013  4 February 2013 
Blue Mole is back. Council Tax Benefit changes. Lots of planning stuff including Staining and Wesham. Fylde's 'Homebuyer' scheme.   Ethnic cleansing for plants. The housing market.  Bambers Lane developments. CPS prosecution policy, and St Annes Town Clerk vacancy....

Lancaster LectureLancaster Lecture on Shale Gas  20 January 2013 
We couldn't get to this important lecture by Prof Mike Stephenson at Lancaster University, but thankfully one of our readers did go and they have produced a cogent and balanced report of it . We're pleased to be able to bring their report to our readers....

Significant  newsTime to Restore Democracy?  17 January 2013 
Time to Restore DemocracyToday we stand on the brink of significant change for Fylde. Using powers in the new Localism Act, there is a move afoot to ask local people if they want to abandon the Leader and Cabinet System at Fylde, and to return to the former Committee System. We have the details....

Dated:  31 December 2013

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