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LCC Election Results 2017

LCC Election Results May 2017We bring news of the 2017 LCC Election Results, with particular emphasis on Fylde. 

Overall there was no significant change in Fylde. All the sitting candidates were re-elected except for former Conservative Cllr Fabian Craig-Wilson of St Annes South who was (fairly brutally) de-selected by Fylde's Conservative Group and replaced by 'The Brigadier' - Conservative Cllr Edward Nash.

However, for the County overall there was a big change as the Conservatives swept back into control - probably on the back of what looks like a Brexit-effect increase in support for the Conservatives nationally as, like last time with the Nicola Surgeon Scottish Referendum effect, lots of 'extra' Conservative voters came out to make their voices heard.


Conservatives            46    (35)

Labour                         30    (39)

Liberal democrats      4      (6)

Independents              2      (3)

Green Party                  1      (1)

UKIP                               1      (0)

Previously, the Labour Group operated a minority governance supported by the smaller parties.

But now the Conservative group have an overall majority (46 to 38 if all the others were to vote against them). So it is a comfortable majority to carry out their manifesto.

It's not yet clear what their priorities will be, but based on statements before the election, we might expect to see a reversal of the Library closures that drew so much public attention recently.

We're a bit doubtful that they will save them all. We heard that Cllr Tim Ashton was removing himself from the bodies that were campaigning to save Lytham Library which has already closed, and which is owned by FBC (who we imagine could be keen to asset strip and sell it off anyway) so we wait with bated breath on that one.

The Conservative election leaflet that arrived at Counterbalance Towers featured the Libraries (of course) and supporting economic growth, funding for extra bus services, improving highway maintenance, caring for vulnerable residents and tackling flooding - which ought to keep them busy for a while at least.

And given that they were going to fund Lytham Hall to the tune of 1m or 2m when they were last in control, we wonder whether they might still have that sort of cash lying about to re-start the Heritage Lottery bid that had to be dropped when the Labour group decided the criteria they set for making the grant that had been promised in principle had not been met. We think it's doubtful the Conservatives will find it now, but you never know.

We think it could be a tricky job for them because superficially, they will have to continue to make the cuts that Government has scheduled for LCC to make - as its share of getting down the national deficit.

That is, of course, unless Cllr Driver can make the case to Government that now they are all the same political colour, maybe the Government can go a bit easier on them than they had planned to do when LCC was a Labour administration.

We thought we heard him say something like that on the local TV news.

Time will tell.

As a local comparison we've extracted the Fylde data for the last few years and added this year's results.
Year St A Nth St A Sth Lytham Fy Sth Fy West Fy East
2017 Con Con Con Con Ind Ind
2013 Con Con Con   Ind Ind
2009 LibDem Con Con Con Ind Ind
2005 Con Con Con Con Con Ind
2001 Con Con Con N/a Con Con

'Fylde South' did not exist before boundary changes after the 2001 election



  •   ST ANNES NORTH   - (Fylde Borough wards of Kilnhouse, St Leonard's and Ashton). 
    Electorate 10,167 (10,468)     Turnout 38.39%  (29.65%)
    •  BUCKLEY Peter Ian (Con) 2,205   (1,091)
    • HENSHAW Karen Maureen (Lib Dem)  950   (LibDem 884)
    • STEPHENSON Peter James (Lab) 539    (455)
    • Tootill Christine (Green)  198 (Green 108)

  •   ST ANNES SOUTH  - (Fylde Borough wards of Central, Heyhouses and Fairhaven).
    Electorate 10,379  (10,778)   Turnout  35.42%  (28.31%)
    •  NASH Edward John (Con)  2,244      (Con 1,210)
    • HURLEY Ruth (Lab)   651   (Lab: 491)
    • HOLLAND Andrew Peter (Lib Dem)  432     (LibDem 494)
    • ROBERTS Ian Stanley (Green)  343    (171)

  • LYTHAM - (Fylde Borough wards of St Johns, Clifton and Ansdell)
    Electorate10, 366  (10,560)    Turnout 40.8%  (31.41%)
    •  ASHTON Tim (Con) 1,901    (1,586)
    • LLOYD Roger Henry  (Fylde Ratepayers)  1,375
    • NASH Gareth Stuart   (Lab)  380    (Lab 217)
    • MARSHALL Christine (Lib Dem) 238   (LibDem: 600)
    • WOOD Timothy (UKIP)  128    (UKIP 713)
    • PATTERSON Irene (Green) 109    (Green 181)
    • KELLY Joshua (Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition)   15

  •  FYLDE SOUTH - (Fylde Borough Wards of Freckleton, Warton. and Wrea Green).
    Electorate 8,852  (8,817)      Turnout 36.32%  (29.53%)
  •  RIGBY Paul (Con) 1,779       (1,099)
  • BRICKLES Julie Ann (Ind)  763  (567)
  • MCGUINNESS, Steven Michael  (Lab)  499   (Lab 353)
  • FIELDING, Robert Michael George (Lib Dem)  151

  •  FYLDE WEST - (Elswick, Little Eccleston, Singleton, Greenhalgh, Staining, Weeton, Westby, and Park ward in St Annes).
    Electorate  10,028 (10,072)   Turnout 41.16  (35.21%)
    •  HAYHURST Paul Joseph (Ind)  1,837    (1,383)
    • PITMAN Sandra (Con)  1,688     (968)
    • COOPER, Guy Charles (Lab)  372     (Lab: 317)
    • WIMBURY, Brook  (UKIP)  121    (UKIP: 741)
    • HARRISON, Beverley Susan  (Lib Dem)  106

  •  FYLDE EAST  - (Kirkham, Wesham, Treales and Newton and Clifton).
    Electorate 10,599  (10,760).    Turnout  34.34%   (29.8%)
  •  OADES Elizabeth Annie (Ind) 1,889   (1,869)
  • RIGBY, Stephen John (Con)  993    (Con: 516)
  • BOARDMAN, Jayne Clare  (Lab)  519   ( Lab 352)
  • MATTHEWS, Noel (UKIP)  230    (UKIP: 414)

Dated:  12 May 2017



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