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The Nitty Gritty
Farce, Fiasco or Tragedy
Lowther Gardens, Trust?
Obituary: Anne Smith OBE
Snippets  Oct 2018
Favouring Fracking?
Bringers of Water
Ansdell ByElection Result
Transformation Strategy
Ethic of Reciprocity
Ansdell By-election Due
A Library Story
The Local Plans Progress
Obituary: David Eaves
Roseacre Inquiry Wk3
Roseacre Inquiry Wk2
Rubbish Accounting?
Roseacre Inquiry Wk1
Heyhouses Result
Roseacre Prelude
Town Hall Refurbished
Obituary: Hilda Wilson
Hall Change?
Got A Toshiba?
Standing in Heyhouses
What a Performance
Fracking Guidance
Heyhouses Byelection Due
The Henrician Reformation
Art Collection Moves
Combined Authority II
Roseacre Rout
Bpl Airport EZ Update
Obituary: Barbara Nash

















The Archive: 2018

Exclusive NewsLowther Goes Legal  11 December 2018 
Lowther Goes LegalWe break the news of a legal case brewing between the Lowther Gardens cafe operator and the Trustees who run the gardens. Fylde Council votes to fund the Trustee's legal case to terminate the cafe lease with 175,000 of taxpayers money. We've been digging deep into what's going on and it's a mess. We wonder if we might be heading into another scandal on the scale of Melton Grove....

Hot NewsBrexit  30 November 2018 
BrexitWith just 10 or so days to go before the momentous vote in Parliament, we give our own take on Brexit. Our usual readers be warned, we express strong opinions for leaving without the deal that the EU has concocted and Mrs May is now trying to sell to the British people. Based on the referendum result we're likely to upset around half our readers and enthuse the other half....

Hot NewsThe Nitty Gritty  24 November 2018 
The Nitty GrittyWe look at suspicions that fracking at Cuadrilla's Preston New Road wellpad might have more or less stopped, and at some of the underlying reasons why that might be the case. It's basically about the geology and the process to crack it open - which is producing small earthquakes. But it was small earthquakes that preceded a bigger earthquake at Preece Hall - and that caused the abandonment of that fracking site....

Hot NewsFarce, Fiasco or Tragedy?  16 November 2018 
Farce, Fiasco, or Tragedy?We've now seen more of the proposals for Lowther Gardens. There are new plans for the Pavilion / Theatre that we believe cannot be implemented.  We can't tell if what's going on is a farce, a fiasco or a tragedy - but we do believe it's an absolute mess. So we're doing our best with limited public-domain information and our own experience, to try to work out what's going on....

 Breaking NewsLowther Gardens. Trust???  6 November 2018 
Lowther Gardens. Trust?We try to make sense of what's going on behind closed doors at Fylde Council concerning Lowther Gardens, the cafe, and the Trust that operates the Gardens. Secrecy prevails, and the Mayor bravely refuses to allow the matter to be debated by the Council, claiming some councillors haven't  been given the full information. It has the potential to become very messy and unpleasant....

 Obituary: Anne Smith OBE  6 November 2018 
Obituary: Anne Smith OBEWe record the passing of an effective, strong-willed former Mayor, Alderman and Councillor at Fylde, whose passion and concern for her electorate won respect from her peers and the affection of the many constituents whose lives she touched.....

 Snippets October 2018  26 October 2018 
Snippets October 2018A miscellany of catch-up articles about: Planning;  Lowther Gardens Trust;  , Ex Cllr Albert Pounder;  John Westmoreland;  The housing of Refugees in Fylde;  Disabled Facilities Grants;  Fylde's membership of an Economic Prosperity Board;  Lytham Institute and Library;  Lytham Hall;  Fairhaven Lottery Project;  Town Hall Parking;  and some Policing Matters......

Significant NewsFavouring Fracking?  17 August 2018 
Favouring Fracking?A look at how the State and its emanations are using political and regulatory chicanery to deter and overcome public objections to fracking, both in Canada and in the UK. We also express concern about how the Government's anti-terrorism measures - in particular the 'Prevent' and 'Channel' programmes might now be applied to people opposed to fracking. We think our readers will be as concerned as we are.....

 Hot NewsBringers of Water  2 August 2018 
Bringers of WaterThe hosepipe ban due from Sunday is called off. We report the moves to impose and then call off the restriction. We also look at it's legislative background, and at the topic of water management in the North West more broadly - who does what and how well - or badly - they're doing it. In most cases we end up pretty dissatisfied, but we're not the only ones who aren't happy bunnies....

 Breaking NewsAnsdell By-Election Resultt  2 August 2018 
Ansdell By-Election ResultWe have the result of the Ansdell By-Election following the death of Cllr David Eaves. It was no great surprise that local man Chris Dixon won for the Conservative party. We have the results....

Significant newsTransformation Strategy  27 July 2018 
Transformation StrategyWe take a detailed look at Fylde's overarching Transformation Strategy and try to interpret what it might mean for our future. It is the 'advance guard' for another five sub-strategies which have the potential to ruin the council and  the public's perception of democracy and public service - as Fylde moves from being a council to being a business. We hope someone will see sense before its too late....

 Exclusive newsEthic of Reciprocity  20 July 2018 
Ethic of ReciprocityWe report another storm in a teacup at Fylde. The Leader speaks with clipped fury as the Notice of Motion she submitted on behalf of another Councillor - to limit  the Police and Crime Commissioner's influence on the Fire Service - does not even get proposed because it fails to comply with Fylde's Constitution and is thus not valid. We have the story....

 Ansdell By-election Due  13 July 2018 
Ansdell Byelection DueFollowing the untimely death of David Eaves, a by-election has been called in Ansdell on 2nd August. There are only two candidates, so it's a binary choice between Chris Dixon for the Conservatives, and Gareth Nash for Labour. We have some of the details....

 Hot TopicA Library Story  8 July 2018 
A Library StoryWe look at the background to Lancashire's library closures, the Conservative's pledge to re-open them after being elected, the process by which that pledge has been executed since the election, and the eventual County Council decision to move Lytham library out of its former home in Lytham Institute, into the Assembly Rooms. We also look at reaction to this move which, in short, is betrayal and anger.....

 The Local Plans Progress  15 June 2018 
The Local Plans ProgressFylde's Local Plan has completed its Examination phase. The external Examiner is preparing her report. FBC has already made some changes in anticipation, but there are more to come. And in the middle of this, the Government changes the way councils must calculate housing need. We look at the impact this might have and offer our take on the housing crisis generally.....

 Obituary: David Eaves  15 June 2018 
Obituary: David EavesWe're sorry to report the untimely death of former Council Leader David Eaves. His decade at Fylde saw him move quickly through the ranks of the Conservative group to become Leader, from where he implemented changes - some very welcome, but others less so. We will remember him as a real gentleman. Unfailingly polite, courteous and considerate.....

 FBC or DPRK?  24 April 2018 
FBC or DPRK?A Fylde letter to a local resident found its way to us. They'd asked for an extra grey bin. We thought Fylde's reply was very poor. But when we looked into the matter, there have been changes in the legislation that few will know about. We have the story and the details.....

Breaking NewsRoseacre Fracking Inquiry: Week 33  24 April 2018 
Roseacre Inquiry Week 3This week sees the final acts of the Inquiry  play out.  Mr Hastey for RAG and the final group of the 80 or so members of the public who have spoken against the proposals will have their say. We continue to live report from the Inquiry as it happens and provide our own conclusion on the three weeks of evidence and argument....

Significant NewsRoseacre Fracking Inquiry: Week 2  17 April 2018 
Roseacre Inquiry Week 2This  week begins with Mr Stevens, LCC's highway expert concluding his examination, before moving to the evidence presented by, and the cross examining of,  the experts for the Roseacre Awareness Group. It concludes with four slots over two days, where members of the public can register to have their say...

Significant NewsRubbish Accounting?  17 April 2018 
Rubbish AccountingWe look how councils are starting to raise money outside the Council Tax we pay, and, how Fylde has already begun to introduce such schemes. We also look at Fylde's Green Bin Subscription service, and how the majority party have twice refused to record and disclose the actual costs of this service.....

Significant NewsRoseacre Fracking Inquiry: Week 1  10 April 2018 
Barbara Richardson at the Roseacre InquiryThe re-opened Roseacre Inquiry began this morning. We have news of the arrangements, the webcasting address, and reports of the opening statements from all the parties. We will be updating this page during the first week of the inquiry so remember to check back....

 Heyouses By-election Result  5 April 2018 
Heyhouses By-election ResultThe results and a first look at the Heyhouses Ward By-election that took place earlier today. Newcomer Sally Nash has more than filled her late mother's shoes, storming home to win by a country mile, taking more votes than all the other parties combined....

Significant NewsRoseacre Inquiry: Prelude  5 April 2018 
Roseacre Inquiry PreludeAn update on some fracking issues since our last article, but mostly a report of the LCC Planning meeting and a prelude to the start of the Roseacre Public Inquiry which begins on Tuesday....

 Exclusive NewsTown Hall Refurbished 29 March 2018 
Town Hall RefurbishmentWe chronicle one of Fylde's biggest ever projects - the refurbishment of St Annes Town Hall. It has the good, the bad, the ugly - and a little humour. It's a process that unintentionally spawned some of the most controversial and collaterally damaging decisions Fylde has ever taken. We have the facts, the figures and the story....

 Obituary: Hilda Wilson 29 March 2018 
Obituary: Hilda WilsonWe were very sad to hear of the death of former Councillor, and later Alderman, Hilda Wilson. We knew her both in her civic life and personally. She was a lady who cared deeply about people and was always ready to help. In many ways an ideal councillor.....

 Exclusive NewsHall Change? 23 March 2018 
Hall Change?This article updates what has been going on regarding Lytham Hall since our last report in October 2017. We cover three meetings of Fylde's Tourism and Leisure Committee and a talk by Barry Fothergill about the Hall under Guardian's stewardship. Fylde seems to be seeing sense at last, and we might just have turned the corner....

 Got A Toshiba? 19 March 2018 
Got A Toshiba?We look at recent history and fortunes of the various companies that control (and will in future control) what happens at the Springfields Nuclear works at Salwick. It's not all rosy by any means, but are we worrying unnecessarily?  Readers will need to form their own view on this one .....

Significant NewsStanding in Heyhouses 9 March 2018 
Heyhouses CandidtatesThe candidates are now declared for the by-election that will take place in Heyhouses Ward on 5th April 2018. We have the candidates names and what we know of their form. It's our popular 'Runners and Riders' article again.....

Exclusive NewsWhat a Performance  9 March 2018 
Wnay a PerformanceWe look at Fylde's 2018 Budget meeting, and at the role of the Mayor, and give some credit for Fylde's currently competent financial management, before contrasting the perspectives of our Dear Leader with those Fylde residents who took part in a Residents Survey. They didn't seem to completely agree with her. We have the story.....

 Hot NewsFracking Guidance  2 March 2018 
Fracking GuidanceA Government Select Committee is considering what planning guidance should be provided by the Government, and whether fracking qualifies to be defined as part of our Nationally Important Infrastructure, with decisions removed from Local Planning Authorities, and transferred to Government. Fylde seems ready to agree and that's generating some concern. We have the story.....

 Heyhouses By-election Due  2 March 2018 
Heyhouses By-election DueA by-election has been called in Heyhouses Ward in St Annes. We have the election timetable, the results of some previous Heyhouses elections, and a first look at who might be standing this time around.....

 The Henrician Reformation   19 February 2018 
The Henrician ReformationTo St Margarets Church in St Annes for the annual Oxford Union style Shrove Tuesday Debate which this year was: This house believes that the Henrician Reformation was a retrograde step'. It was a thought-provoking debate about religion, politics, art, power, money and commerce. Just the sort of thing that's unsuited for a dinner party....

  Breaking NewsArt Collection Moves   16 February 2018 
Art Collection MovesAn unusual report to improve storage for some of Fylde's Art Collection was presented to an extra-ordinary Tourism and Leisure Committee meeting last week. It prompted us to recall the recent history of the collection, to look at the changes that are now being planned, and to speculate about what the future might hold for the collection....

  Combined Authority II   9 February 2018 
Combined Authority IIFirst Fylde was in, then it was sort of out, and is now actually out, and the probability is that the Lancashire Combined Authority is no more. Whilst we think it's the right outcome, the process to arrive at this point is anything but, and it might even not be lawful. We heard the real story last Monday, and bring it to our readers.....

Hot newsRoseacre Rout  23 January 2018 
Roseacre RoutWe report the opening salvo in Cuadrilla's rearguard action to use a site at Roseacre Wood for test fracking. But their revised transport battle plan looks set to become a rout for them as Parish, Borough and County Councils all - once again - line up to say 'No' - as, indeed, does Fylde's MP Mark Menzies.  We have all the details.....

 Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone Update  10 January 2018 
Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone UpdateA consultation on plans to create a new Enterprise Zone at Blackpool Airport has just ended. The scheme would see the green belt separating St Annes from Blackpool narrowed by land-laundering the airport closer to St Annes and building where it was. There are also tax and planning benefits for businesses who move or expand to the zone. We have some details....

 Obituary: Barbara Nash  08 January 2018 
Obituary Barbara NashWe record the sad and untimely death of  Fylde's popular and well respected  Councillor Barbara Nash who died whilst visiting family at Christmas.....

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