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City of the Fylde?

City of the Fylde?When Fylde and Wyre entered into a 'Joint Working' arrangement, it soon became clear that much more than sharing a post or two, or  bulk buying, was on the agenda. Likewise after the 2007 election, having three Conservative administrations makes it much more likely that we will see a city of the Fylde appearing over the horizon as they try to block the possibility of another party taking power in the future.

We think the plan is to merge Fylde and Wyre Councils first, to give them a position of greater strength to negotiate a subsequent merger with Blackpool, thus producing the City of the Fylde that many locals dread.

This idea has been around for a while, but the recent story so far is..........

April 2006
Fylde & Wyre Councils create an informal Joint Committee.
Project groups set up to join "Streetscene Services" together.
Wyre to do coastal defence inspection and maintenance for Fylde.
Coastal defence for both councils be part of Streetscene.
October 2006
Look at extending joint working to include Blackpool and/or Lancaster.
Closer look at joint working on leisure management, esp. operation of the Marine Hall, Little Theatre and Lowther Pavilion
June 2007
Agree before Xmas07 which leisure services should to be jointly provided
Prepare for this in budgets for 2008/09.
"In principle" decision to create a joint Streetscene service reporting to a formally constituted Joint Committee.
Grounds Maintenance to remain a joint Streetscene service.
Joint working on Strategic Housing issues start, as part of the Multi-Area Agreement involving Fylde, Wyre, Blackpool and Lancashire County Councils.
July 2007
Cabinet members and the Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committees invited to attend future meetings of the Joint committee.
Senior Blackpool Officers and Members invited to attend and observe future meetings.
Leisure services defined as: Leisure Management, Sport, Theatre, Parks & Open Spaces (noting grounds maintenance (ie gardeners) was also included in Streetscene), Children’s Play, Countryside Leisure, Tourism, Arts Development, Creative and Cultural Industries.
Agreed to go for joint Leisure Services in Fylde and Wyre, but John Coombes says joint working between the three Fylde coast authorities, would be better. Agreed that the Chief Executive(s) consult with Blackpool.
November 2007
Confusion about whether Grounds Maintenance should be in "Streetscene" or "Parks". It is temporarily added to both.
Existence of Fylde's shell trading company (FBC Solutions Ltd) is noted.
Services to be within Streetscene/Community Services are defined. Huge and detailed lists in the report, including all vehicle operation and management, street and other cleaning, refuse collection, trade waste, loos, beaches, dog control, coastal defence, land drainage, car park management, bus shelters, street nameplates, planning applications and consultations, parks, playing fields, burial & cremation, allotments and more.
Wyre to be the employer of all staff delivering joint services.
A new legal entity probably called "Streetscene Committee" to be approved by both Cabinets. This will have 3 members from Wyre, 3 from Fylde. All must be Cabinet members. Political balance won't apply.
It will meet to Wyre's Cabinet cycle.
For all Streetscene Joint services, it will
  • Set policy for the services
  • Approve an annual business plan
  • Provide the services
  • Get the officer reports
  • Report at least annually to the Council's executive
  • Oversee the accounts and financial information
  • Manage all the staff
  • Receive audit and inspection reports
There will be one or more joint scrutiny committees to undertake overview and scrutiny on behalf of both councils.
Wyre to provide committee administration.
Legal advice and scrutiny to be provided by Fylde.
Leisure, culture and tourism services to be worked up in detail for joint working. Further report to follow.
Support staff levels and operation to be examined and possibilities for joint working pursued as consequence of the changes now agreed.
This meeting also had an oral report from Fylde's Chief Exec about moves to jointly provide some services with Blackpool. At least part of this idea is  to take over and to jointly operate, services that the County Council provides in Wyre and Fylde.
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Dated:  November 2007


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