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The Archive: 2005

Former Chief Executive Ken LeeChief Exec Departs 23 November 2005
Fylde's Chief Executive Officer suddenly retires early. Reports say he didn't want to go. What does this mean for Fylde and how long can Commissar Coombes last now

Equitable - It's notEquitable - It's not  1 November 2005
Fylde Council's Conservative group is outvoted and common sense prevails on the plan o tax us twice. Star performer Councillor John Bennett says "for every 1 we draw in, we are spending 1.10, and this is just a con trick to let us spend 1.15"

Pushing your buttonsState of the Borough 26 October 2005
Fylde hosts a 'State of the Borough' focus group event. They take up 85% of the time spouting propeganda, and allow a limited series of predetermined answers to preordianed questions. Listening was never easier..........

Another Equitable ScandalAnother Equitable Scandal 24 October 2005
Fylde Council tries once again to persuade Town and Parish Councils to become accessories before the fact in their tax hike con.

Say No to Lytham Quays at LowtherSay NO Protest at Lowther 18 October 2005
Fylde Council feel the pressure of people power and refuse permission for Kensington developments on several sites in Lytham.

Double Your MoneyDouble Your Money 7 October 2005
An independent report recommends that Council Leader John (The Commissar) Coombes is to get a 100% increase in pay from you. "Because he's worth it"........

Councillor Barbara PagettThe Commissar Strikes 7 October 2005
An fist of iron, a heart of steel, and a brain of lead, Commissar Coombes cracks the whip in more ways than one. Collateral damage hits those trying to protect democracy and represent their electorate, and the Truly Independents look as though they're anything but.

Death of DemocracyDeath of Democracy 6 October 2005
John Coombes and Simon Renwick lead their troops into the wilderness and us up the garden path. Not content with selling off our heritage, now he's really lost the plot and killed off almost all semblance of democracy.

St Annes Town HallTown Hall Mk 2.  6 October 2005
Thwarted by not being able to use Lowther Pavilion for Council meetings, the minions have been scurrying in the background to whip up some new plans to asset strip St Annes. Discussed in secret, the plans will cause a storm of protest. It has started already. Get the lowdown inside.

License for anythingLicence for Anything 5 October 2005
The all new independent licensing committee takes heed of public opinion and compromises on opening hours for the nightclubs. What joy, now it is only the same nights as usual that will be ruined.

Lowther GardensLowther is Charity Case 3 October 2005.
Councillors get all petulant when their unlawful plans are spoiled. The big unanswered question is how much of our money they wasted on abortive preparation.

St Annes Town HallTown Hall Demolition Plan25 September 2005
John Coombes has a 'defining moment'. Right on, biker!

John CoombesPlanning to influence? 10 September 2005
Frightened of being influenced by hearing public opinion, John Coombes blasts his own planning committee for making "wrong decisions" on part of  Kensington' s Disneyland Dream for Lytham. He says the have to lighten up. What was that about prejudicial influence? 

Shifting ExpenditureShifting Expenses  4 August 2005
Having planned the asset stripping of St Annes, John Coombes is now looking for ways to sidestep capping laws so he can extract more taxes from us.

Cooking the Books?Cooking the Books?31 July 2005
Fresh from the mauling over the external auditors report, Fylde's accounts for April 2004 to March 2005 are finalised. John Coombes headlines a 'loss' of 0.5 million, but at the same time, he quietly had 1.1 million paid into some 'Special Reserve' accounts - several of which were only created this year

Say No to Lytham QuaysLytham Quays  5 July 2005
Kensington's unpopular plan for redeveloping a large part of Lytham's frontage on the river estuary will have far reaching consequences and a disastrous affect on the character of Lytham .

Dated:  31 December 2005

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