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Heyhouses By-Election Result

Heyhouses by-election result 2018We bring readers the results of the Heyhouses By-election declared today.

The table below shows the results for the 2018 by-election within the lighter background.

As a comparison of sorts, we've also included the voting numbers and percentages (for different candidates of course) at the last Heyhouses Ward by-election in 2012, and the last full election in 2015.

Please note that for the last full election, to make the party comparisons as meaningful as we can, we've averaged the number of votes per party where a party stood more than one candidate (Heyhouses elects three councillors)

By-elections are always difficult to predict and to be honest we thought Labour would do better than they have done, especially given the absence of the plethora of smaller parties and an independent who took votes from the Conservatives at the last By-election. It seems that those votes have gone more to the Conservatives than any other candidate.

But Conservative Sally Nash has stormed home to win by a huge margin - taking more votes than all the other parties combined. It's a really good win and she deserves, and has, our congratulations.

The turnout this time was 30% of the 3,781 people eligible to vote.

That's down just one point from the 31% turnout in the 2012 by-election

Dated:  05 April 2018

Name Party Votes
Party votes at
last  by-election
Party votes* at
last full-election
Sally Nash Conservative   655  (58.1%)  401  (33.4%) 1183  (45.0%)
Lynn Goodwin Labour    202   (17.9%)    - 843  (32.1%)
Andrew Peter Holland    Liberal Democrat   138  (12.2%)  163  (13.6%) 601  (22.9%)
Ian Stanley Roberts Green   133  (11.8%)  150  (12.5%) -
  Independent - 313  (26.1%) -
  UKIP - 147  (12.3%) -
  Integrity UK - 25   (2.1%) -

* Averaged out per candidate where a party had two or more candidates standing for election


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